California Sauce 510 Cart- Tropical Cookies

Meanwhile, in this case it is the same: low doses of California Sauce 510 Cart- Tropical Cookies raw material can be an excellent cure. The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has its roots in the medical traditions of ancient China, India and Egypt, says the chairman of the “Cannabis – in medicine” society, Cologne doctor Franjo Grotenhermen. By the way, this society is a union of German-speaking physicians, pharmacologists and, most importantly, patients who are in favor of permission to use cannabis for medical purposes. Their statements are justified by the desire to help many patients suffering from the side effects of traditional medicines.

California Sauce 510 Cart- Tropical Cookies

But let’s return from the protesters of marijuana legalization to the history of the issue. In the medical textbooks of European doctors hemp got in the middle of the XIX century with the filing of British physicians, who brought the knowledge of medicinal herbs from the then still colonial India. They appreciated the analgesic, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect of cannabis.

The main problem was only that the concentration of the active ingredient in the cannabis was quite unstable, although the dosages needed to be kept very accurately.

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