Greenline – Bananimal

At Greenline – Bananimal, we have always prided ourselves on speed and flexibility. Cannabis retailers have had a difficult time in the past year and this has only gotten more difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is why during this time Greenline has moved forward quickly to provide our customers with online sales support and click-and-collect. Our customers have told us that Greenline’s online ordering solution is faster and better implemented than any of our competitors, giving them an upper hand in the retail space.

Greenline – Bananimal

As part of a $17 billion global industry, the sale of legalized cannabis in Canada is a lucrative enterprise for many retail-focused entrepreneurs. However, the cannabis industry is still a new industry, with a higher bar set for regulatory compliance. Compliance aside, accounting for a cannabis company is just like any small business accounting. You have to file for taxes, run payroll for your employees, be subjected to an audit by the CRA and deal with the same headaches of managing a retail outlet or business.

If you are a small business owner running a marijuana dispensary or a cannabis company with production, having a robust bookkeeping and accounting process can improve your operational efficiency. Moreover, with a strong reporting process in place, you can ensure that you stay compliant with the regulations in place.

From your accounting software, to inventory management software, to POS system, you can use technology to streamline your accounting system and integrate all your financial data across all software and platforms. Here’s our recommended collection of established and cannabis-centric apps, tools, and software that are designed to make automating your cannabis business a breeze.

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