Mimosa Sativa Cartridge

It’s a common misconception that sativas aren’t as potent as indicas. On the contrary, numerous sativa strains contain between 20–30% THC, just like top-shelf indicas. This way, you get all the high, without the drowsy, couch-lock feeling you might get from Mimosa https://mj420.delivery/product/mimosa-sativa-cartridge/. Fancy a nice hike or looking to engage in a creative endeavour? A sativa strain is one you might prefer!

What we usually don’t see and what the wildfires raging across the state have brought to our attention is the vulnerability of those patches of wilderness where wildlife and entire ecosystems are able to thrive, but whose very wild nature is under threat by increasing impacts caused by visitors. 

Case in point, the Dolan Fire that has burned nearly 130,000 acres in Big Sur as of Wednesday, September 23, when it was 44% contained. Officials believe the Dolan Fire was caused by suspected arson. A man has been arrested.

Our Mimosa is a classic marijuana strain that combines the taste of Blueberry with the cerebral high of Haze. The cured buds have a sweet flavour, and the energising high is ideal for those who have goals to accomplish during the day. Haze Berry offers excellent yields, and its sativa growing characteristics make for huge plants that fill out indoor and outdoor gardens nicely.

Sativa is one of the most sought-after sativa strains, and our Mimosa Sativa Cartridge delivers top-quality genetics that have been stabilised for years. With its lineage tracing back to Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, Shining Silver Haze is suited to indoor or outdoor marijuana gardens. The plant loves full sun outdoors, and indoor growers can expect yields of up to 450g/m². Seasoned smokers love the taste and instant high of Shining Silver Haze.

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