RC Cars

However, like many industries these days, the remote-control car market is flooded with hundreds if not thousands of different products which all seem to claim to be the “best” the “fastest” the “toughest” etc. With so many different options such as on-road or off-road, electric or petrol and what scale to get, it’s hard to navigate your way to a suitable model, and it’s no wonder so many get it wrong leaving you feeling disappointed.

Why buy an RC car https://rc-cars.us/?

I’m writing this knowing some of you are buying for yourself and some buying your kids.

Because they’re loads of fun

Let’s not kid ourselves, controlling an RC car is exciting, fun and challenging. Not to mention it brings out the Jamie Whincup in us all!

RC Cars

Get the kids outdoors

This is one for the parents. In a world where phones, tablets and computer screens surround the majority of us for most of our day to day life, it’s fantastic to gift someone something that encourages them to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Improve basic skills

Driving RC cars will help improve hand-eye coordination, depth perception and reflexes.

Transmitter: The remote control contains a radio transmitter which operates on a particular frequency that the receiver is designed to receive. Receiver: The receiver is fixed within the car and constantly receives signals from the transmitter.

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