The dank store

The dank store Recreational and Medical Cannabis Dispensary is dedicated to providing a wide variety of potent, affordable and lab-tested cannabis flower, extracts and infused products to recreational and medical dispensary shoppers. DANK Dispensary offers competitive prices and rotating daily specials, making us one of the most affordable dispensaries in Denver, without sacrificing quality and kindness.

For all those that love their snack foods especially ones that take them back to the day when they first tried those snacks. Perhaps they were childhood favourites or ones that resonate with you in one way or another.

A new convenience store opened not too long ago on Main Street next door to THC and the location is perfect for this type of store. One may call it munchie haven or a snack food paradise!

They appear to have it all from novelty and popular cereals, to pop tarts, cookies, snack bars, chips, sodas, ice cream and so much more; they also carry locally produced Mumgry peanut butter.

The store is open 12 noon – 12 midnight daily, these days the outside lineups are long especially on the weekends, best to go early and remember to physically distance in the line-up.

the dank store

Capitalizing on the link between good cannabis and the munchies, two clever entrepreneurs have reinvigorated a South Vancouver block, making it a destination for residents and suburbanites alike.

When cannabis was legalized in Canada in October 2018, there was a silent consensus among would-be retailers, particularly in provinces with stricter regulations, that it would be next to impossible for shops to differentiate themselves from one another—especially if they were all going to be selling the same assortment of Health Canada-approved products. 

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