Hybrid Delivery in Vancouver BC

Most of the weed lovers belong to Vancouver therefore you will find many online stores here. These are the popular options for both livings within and outside the cities. Even medical users prefer buying from online stores as safety is guaranteed. Most of the shops ask for registration that is a simple process to place the order. You can always get the basic information about the product such as ingredients, date of manufacturing, expiry and much more information. However, you have to be an adult that is above 19 years of age to get your order for Hybrid Delivery in Vancouver BC

Hybrid Delivery in Vancouver BC

Our hybrid program provides students with the best of both worlds. Students have the flexibility to attend in-class or virtually. Zoom links are provided the day before class and students can decide on the day as to which delivery works best for them.

Whether in the classroom or streaming in, students are able to connect, interact and ask questions.

Students enrolled in our hybrid program would attend cooking classes in-person.

*Please note that during COVID there may be a need to split the cohort into two groups to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. This would have students attend class in-person on one day, while attending class virtually on the other.

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