Lawn Care Services

A beautiful lawn is the compositional center of your garden.
All over the world, lawns are considered one of the most attractive elements of the garden landscape. A lawn only remains green and beautiful when properly maintained.

lawn care

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Most people think we should take care of the grass from the moment it grows. This is a mistake, because the seeds need to be taken care of immediately after sowing. The first thing they need to do is to ensure a firm grip on the soil. You can do this with a roller, roller or any other load that can compact loose soil. Carrying out this operation will help to get seedlings a few days earlier. This is very important if you have sown in the spring. At this time, plants are important every day because they need to get stronger and build up a strong root system before a steady heat comes.

Another characteristic omission is the tightening with the first haircut. It should be done about a month after sprouting, but should not be postponed until the grass has begun to shrink. This may not happen, because it will grow upwards. The task of first mowing is to provoke active thawing. Yes, this operation is very painful for young plants, but if you spend it in the evening and then water the area, the damage will be minimised. In just ten days you will not recognise your lawn – it will look very fresh and dense enough.

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