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Elements of landscape design
Briefly about what you can decorate the cottage, yard, farmstead. There are a lot of elements, there are even more varieties of them. One of the favorite types of recreation – kebabs or barbecue. And under this zone there is a place for sure. Immediately after determining the place for the house often decide where to put a gazebo, terrace, pergola.

Landscape design

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And the presence of a veranda near the house has never been the reason for refusing the gazebo or terrace. In this case, the veranda is closed, and the pergola is open. Some spend time in winter, others in summer. Sometimes they put a canopy or a modern pergola instead. Not the one that only plants support, although they can be, but the structure on which the plants curl. After all, such a structure is one of the best decorations of the site.

No less popular element of landscape design is artificial reservoirs. They are also made at cottages, in the garden, in the yard of the house. The shape, size, type of organization – everything can be different: from mini ponds, to quite solid ponds in several cubes of volume and a decent water mirror.

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