Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

Adding some seasonal color to your Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance is an excellent way to make it pop while adding beauty and value to your property. Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, your landscape specialist can suggest some fantastic options to help your lawn and garden keep up with the seasons.

These are just a few of the maintenance tasks involved in landscape management. Most can be time consuming, and if done by inexperienced owners, can lead to damage to the area. The best way to ensure success is to trust your landscaping to professionals with years of skills and experience.

Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Plant Protect and Feed (Also known as Plant Health Care: PHC)

Plants feed from the nutrients in the soil. Some plants are what we call “heavy feeders”. This means they pull a lot of nutrients out of the soil. Boxwood are “heavy feeders”. Proactively adding a plant feed/protect program to your landscape plan, you’ll receive feedings specific to your plants and soil. You’ll also receive disease and pest prevention for the common issues to prevent them from happening. This can include black-spot, other forms of mildew, bag-worms, aphids, etc. This is dependent upon your service package, but is important for thriving plants.

Lawn Protect and Feed

Lawn chemical programs both feed the turf and protect against a plethora of pests and diseases such as grubs, brown-patch, and several fungal issues. Most programs are a 5 to 7 step program that are applied at the ideal time of year for your turf. Weather patterns and irrigation affect turf, so those things must be considered in conjunction with your turf program. Additional applications are sometimes needed during super-wet years to control moisture related issues.

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